Why Calgel ?

Calgel is a gentle, natural looking nail system developed in South Africa.
Its easy soak-off formula is now widely recognized the World over.
Calgel’s own training and examination system which leads technicians to ‘Premier Status’ then ‘Educator License’ is supervised by certified Calgel Educators. The training and examination system is the keystone of our quality cycle.
Calgel is only sold to approved technicians, this ensures high standards and a strong brand image.

Natural Looking

Calgel is a very gentle nail system. It promotes healthy growth by strengthening nails. Calgel can be used on natural nails to strengthen, for tip overlays or for sculpture. It appears very natural because only a thin layer of gel is required. Nail breakages occur less often due to Calgel’s flexibility, even after it is cured.

Gas Permeable System

Calgel boasts a gas permeable system which does not interfere with the moisture permeation of the nails. As the moisture released from the nails evaporates through the gel layer, wetness does not accumulate between the gel and the nail which prevents lifting and the formation of microbes.

Minimum Buffing and No Primer

Buffing prior to the application of the gel is kept to a minimum and there is no need for a primer to be applied. The nails are therefore not damaged by excessive filing or strong chemicals.

Easily and Safely Removable

Calgel can be easily and safely removed with Calremove.

Gas Vast Range of Nail and Skincare ProductsSystem

A broad range of products are available to accompany Calgel and as our motto is ‘be kind to nails’, these products are also designed to be gentle.

Long Lasting

Calgel is a long lasting system. As salon visits can be reduced to every 3〜4 weeks, it is good value for clients and also time efficient for nail technicians allowing them time to service new clients.

Extremely low odour

Unlike other nail systems no odour is given off and less dust is produced because no filing is done at the finish.

Fast and Easy Application

It is simple, easy and speedy to apply. It self-levels, giving a smoother, more even finish.

Wealth of Colours

Over 80 colours are available.